Friday, March 13, 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on This Small Business

It's Friday the 13th and COVID-19 has created a new normal in American society. We are now all practicing social distancing - basically becoming a nation of cat people.

It's obvious that the travel and hospitality industries will be greatly impacted by COVID-19, or Coronavirus. The kennel industry is kind of like a subset of those above mentioned fields. Camp Kitty, like many other boarding facilities, is feeling the strain of this virus. March is the time of year where business is steady; the time when we come out from the February lull.  And then, the area schools' spring break happens the first full week of April and it's like we're pre-gaming for the busy summer season. Not this year, though.

We have already had several cancellations and early check outs.

Mid-March is when families finally confirm their spring break vacation plans and that includes making a reservation for their cat. The phones have been pretty silent. Our boarding count is down 25%-50% compared to this time last year.

We are in the early stages of creating a contingency plan should business drop significantly. In order to financially stay afloat we may have to close for a few days or shorten our business hours or meet clients by appointment-only. Our number one priority will always be the cats. We take pride in the care we provide to our feline customers and will always do what is in their best interest while also doing our part to keep society safe.

Many small businesses will be impacted by the Coronavirus. We will ride this out like everyone else. We thank you for all of your support and ask that you be patient with us while we figure out our next steps.

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