Friday, May 22, 2020

Schroeder Is Home

post by: Gwen, owner of Camp Kitty

It's been seven years in the making, but Schroeder has finally come home. Yes, Schroeder got someone he knows very well!

In October 2012, a fluffy and sickly ginger cat was found by my dog, Linus, meowing under a bush during our daily walk. He was a scrappy little thing. Once we actually caught him my husband put him in a box he found nearby and we continued our walk back home. We named him Schroeder.

5-week-old Schroeder
Laying with Birdie

He lived with us for a few months until I gave birth to my first child in January. At that time, Schroeder went to live at Camp Kitty. I was sad because I loved him dearly. But, I knew that we were only fostering him and he would find his forever home soon.

Months turned into years. People applied for him, met him, but never went through with actually adopting him. Was this a sign?

In 2018, I moved from Atlanta down to Florida. I've always loved Schroeder. Not seeing him everyday broke my heart. I wanted to adopt him, but the time wasn't right.

Schroeder and Nip were close, and when Nip passed I felt it was time to start subtly stating my case to my husband (with back up from my kids) on why Schroeder belonged with us. Around the same time my 16-year-old dog passed away. Soon after my 15-year-old dog fell ill. I knew she only had months to live and wanted to focus on her hospice care. Speaking of Schroeder briefly ceased.

COVID-19 quarantine definitely served as a time of reflection. I knew that Schroeder belonged with me and my family.

Shortly after Mother's Day I drove up to Atlanta and brought Schroeder back with me to Florida.

Getting his carrier ready. He's suspicious.
Welcome home, sweet boy. You're back where you started.

My heart is complete.

Reunited with Birdie

He used to lay on my pregnant belly when he was a kitten

Hanging with the kid who was in my belly

Now he sleeps next to me every night.